Pure Friendship Between a Man and a Woman

Someone from the circle of friends once asked me what does Christ-centered friendship between a man and a woman be possible, perhaps you have the same question which brought you here.
Friendship is a gift, a necessity in life, it has no limit and is built in an unexpected moment. However, friendship between a man and a woman is often regarded by many as “impossible”, “not appropriate” and so on; creating awkwardness between two parties, even making individuals feel guilty of having close friendship with the opposite gender.
I grew up close to my guy cousins. Getting familiar with their different personalities made it easy for me to get along with other men and develop friendship with them. I used to be “one of the boys” up to this time, I usually hang out with my men friends and liked wearing men clothes (thank God, my fashion changed). Men friends and even women friends came and went, “it’s normal”, they say. There were merely founded friendships but were broken, mostly because of emotions handled immaturely–this is is how my friendships with other men usually ended up.
Friendship is for everyone. It is not limited to gender, age, physical appearance and family race. Everyone can make friendship with everyone, but friendship between a man and a woman is requires much more precautions.
Friendship is a beautiful gift; a treasured relationship. It’s not there as fast and furious; it takes time, effort, trust and emotion to build it. Time spent with friends creates wonderful memories, often times it’s them that knows us better— our struggles, deepest secrets and desires.
Significant little things that build friendship between a man and a women often create intimacy and emotional attachment. ” This is how man-woman friendship differs from woman-woman’s.
Not all, but most of the man and woman friendships often lead to an emotional feeling of something beyond the relationship. We are made with emotions, and sometimes emotion has the power to take control of us. It’s dangerous when emotion takes the lead that’s why Jesus gave us this reminder in Proverbs 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.
Heart is deceitful and has the capacity of leading everyone astray when not guarded. Close friendship between man and women does not happen to everyone. I consider it as a special gift. But when emotions beyond friendship is already involved, precautions and limit has to be imposed and heart has to be guided.

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